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April 10, 2015
Moraine Valley Community College
14th Annual Information Literacy Summit
Revising, Refreshing, Reframing our Practice:
Information Literacy, Threshold Concepts, and
the New ACRL Framework

April 16-17, 2015
Illinois Central College
Learning Innovations Conference Program

May 8, 2015
Kankakee Community College


NILRC Membership is Now Open

Membership in NILRC, the Network of Illinois Learning Resources in Community Colleges, is now open to new Associate members in Illinois and other states contiguous to Illinois.

History and Purpose

Established in 1973, NILRC is one of the oldest higher education learning resource cooperatives in the nation. Although it began as a grass roots organization to meet the basic needs of developing learning resources centers at community colleges, it has become a leader in the development and use of a wide variety of instructional resources and technologies.

As of September 2007, NILRC had 45 Full members and six Associate members. Members include two- and four-year public academic, and not-for-profit academic libraries.

NILRC's Mission

The mission of NILRC is to enhance the services provided by post-secondary learning resource centers & libraries and alternative delivery programs to member institutions and their communities. The commitment to this mission is demonstrated through the pursuit of the following goals:

  • To improve the cost effectiveness of members’ libraries and alternative delivery programs through group purchases of materials and services.
  • To facilitate the exchange of resources and information.
  • To strengthen the skills and knowledge of members institutions personnel through staff development activities.
  • To serve as an advocate for issues and projects that would enhance members’ instructional support activities.


NILRC is governed by a Council of Delegates and an elected Executive Committee. Each Full NILRC member has one representative and one alternate to the Corporation. All members are encouraged to attend meetings in September, November, February, April and June but only Full members may vote.

Member Benefit Highlights, 1993 - 2007

  • NILRC has been successful in working with the Illinois State Library, the ICCB and the IBHE in obtaining over $1.5 million in grant support for Member libraries, much of it in direct information infrastructure grants to Illinois community colleges.
  • In summer 2003, NILRC received a prestigious $250,000, two-year National Leadership Grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS — a federal agency) for a project called: Information Literacy for the 21st-Century Learner: Preparing Students to Learn for Life involving six community college libraries partnering with high schools in their districts.
  • In 2007, NILRC received a $990,000 three-year Laura Bush Training Librarians for the 21st century from the Institute for Museum and Library Services for a project called: The grant is called: Librarians Serving Community-based Higher Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Community College Librarians. Beginning in 2007, this grant will provide a community college librarianship-focused MLS degree program for 20 students through the University of Illinois’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science over the course of 2 years. The program will culminate with internship employment in one of the grant partner community college libraries in Illinois or Missouri.
  • Group purchases of telecourses, electronic databases and other learning resources have saved members an estimated $4 million dollars over the past decade over what these resources would have cost if purchased or licensed individually. NILRC offers contracts for over 50 telecourses or teleweb courses.
  • NILRC members saved over 65 percent of the commercial cost for video tape duplication over the last decade, a savings of over $500,000.
  • NILRC has played a leadership role in the state and region in promoting and implementing voice, video and data networks to advance resource-sharing and distance learning. A NILRC state grant in the late 1980s developed a plan that set the stage for the Illinois Century Network (ICN) in the 1990s.
  • NILRC provides a coherent voice to advocate for LRCs and alternative learning resource issues at the local, state, regional and national levels.
  • NILRC has offered dozens of opportunities for continuous learning and for effective communication among our diverse communities.
  • NILRC provides discounts on a variety of libraryrelated products and services, including electronic reference databases from vendors such as LexisNexis, Gale’s Expanded Academic Index, EBSCO products and others and library supply catalogs including DEMCO, Highsmith, BRODART and Baker & Taylor).

Membership Procedure

NILRC annual membership is $900 for Full members (who must be a community college) and $400 for Associate members per fiscal year which runs July 1 to June 30. Associate members may be public libraries, public and private non-profit, post-secondary, secondary and primary educational institutions and districts.

All NILRC members pay a modest surcharge for group purchases. Associate members pay the surcharge plus an additional fee, but the total of membership and additional fees will not exceed $900.

If you are interested in NILRC membership, please contact us and we will send a copy of the Full and Associate Membership Agreements along with a copy of NILRC’s by-laws.

Contact Information

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Business Manager

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