Help Using the NILRC Website

Are you looking for...

  • People (NILRC members)?

    • For individuals, log in to the Members Portal. Under Members & Groups, you'll find a Directory. For access to the Members Portal, please contact us

    • For institutional members, go to the Membership page under Who We Are.

  • Committees and Working Groups?

    • Log in to the Members Portal and look under Members & Groups. For access to the Members Portal, please contact us.

    • Each committee or group has a Google Drive folder containing its key documents. 

    • Help using Google Drive...

  • Group purchase and discount information?

  • Agendas and minutes from past events and meetings?

  • Event and meeting information (times, locations, etc.)?

  • Strategic Plan, Bylaws, and other governing documents?

    • For current versions of the Strategic Plan, visit the Mission & Strategic Plan page under What We Do in the main navigation.

    • For the NILRC By-Laws and Strategic Plan Monitoring Reports, log in to the Members Portal and look under Governance Documents. For access to the Members Portal, please contact us

    • Help using Google Drive.

  • Am I supposed to log out of the members portal page?

    • The Members Portal Page is a password-protected page. The technical support documentation says, “When a visitor uses a password, the session will expire after four hours and prompt them to re-enter the password. It isn't possible to "log out" of a session.”  

    • If you need to access the Members Portal page on a shared computer, you can open an “incognito” browser page before entering the password for this page. 

  • Can you add photos of our member institution to the NILRC site?

    • Yes! You can submit photos of your library or campus, and members of the Website & Communications Committee will add them to the NILRC site. Squarespace image requirements are listed below. Please email Amanda Wiesenhofer ( to submit your photos or to ask questions!

      • File Type: .jpg, .gif, or .png files only

      • File Size: less than 500 KB

      • Squarespace recommends that images are between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide.

      • Orientation: Photos should be landscape orientation (horizontal).

      • File Name: Please include the name of your institution in the file name.

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