Here is a description of the NILRC Executive Board.

NILRC Board Members 2016-2017:

  • Chair: Beth Mandrell
  • Chair Elect: Terra Jacobson
  • Recorder: Karen Becker
  • Treasurer: Scott Drone-Silvers
  • Past Chair: Frances Whaley
  • Member at Large: Elizabeth Nelson
  • Member at Large: Alecia Kerr
  • Member at Large: Hilary Meyer
  • Member at Large: Sherrill Weaver
  • NILRC Business Manager: Lisa Sikora

Other Committees and Working Groups

Here is a description of NILRC committee and working groups.

NILRC committees and working groups 2016-2017:

Information Literacy

The NILRC Information Literacy Committee promotes best practices in information literacy within the guidelines of the ACRL Information Literacy Framework, develops tools for instruction and assessment of information literacy, and encourages communication and collaboration across disciplines and institutions.

Professional Development

To promote and draw upon the expertise of NILRC members. To look for various professional development opportunities that may be made available for NILRC membership.

Open Educational Resources

To explore the role of the NILRC and ILCCO consortia in developing and adopting OER (Open Educational Resources).  To develop OER best practices, templates, and training materials for use at our own institutions focusing first on online faculty.  

Allerton Planning

To plan and organize the annual conference at Allerton. 

Learning Innovations Conference

To plan and organize the annual Learning Innovations Conference, a conference that explores issues and emerging technologies that impact distance learning and libraries at community colleges.

Strategic Plan



To design and create the new NILRC website. 


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