Get a complete, easily understood, and standardized overview of your journal, e-book, and database usage and denial statistics with RedLink’s Library Dashboard

There is a set up fee of $1000 and a fair amount of work to do.

Gather administrative credentials, admin URL, username and password for each of your electronic subscriptions and this includes e-Journals; eBooks; databases and any bundles. It will also be important to know each subscription offers SUSHI service and what that password, reference ID, or unique identifier is. And finally, a customer email address because sometimes it is required to get access to SUSHI reports. We gather this data to create a standard way for RedLink to harvest your usage data. RedLink uses this information to power the data for your Library Dashboard. Information on how to find SUSHI reports is available.

We will need the title name, the start date, an end date, the cost and the annual invoice date. We provide forms to use for submitting the data.