Brainfuse – Online tutoring and so much more

Besides the service normally associated with tutoring, Brainfuse offers the following tools that are free to use:

·       LEAP Learning Platform – diagnostic tests to identify weaknesses and a customized learning plan that includes lessons and on to live tutoring (that is charged for)

·       LEARNNOW Skills Library – video lessons, quizzes and other content to help master fundamental skills

·       Test Preparation – unlimited access to a library of college skills assessments

·       FLASHBULB – a program for students to create their own flashcards or access the library of flashcards already created

·       MEET – interactive online meeting platform for students and faculty, the sessions are saved for later use

·       BRAINFUSE MOBILE APP – allows anywhere access to learning materials and study tools. Take class notes, access FLASHBULB and use homework tracker (calendar feature)

·       CLOUDPACK – allows users to enter, store, and access class notes, and study tools via any computer or mobile device. Users can also share their CloudPack content with tutors during live sessions.

 Subjects offered:

·         Mathematics

·         Writing

·         Reading

·         Science

·         Business

·         Health Professions

·         Computers and Technology

·         Spanish

·         History

·         ESL

·         Additional subjects available on request

 Brainfuse tutors are able to send instant notification to your institution if they believe that a student needs additional support. The system provides you with the reason why the tutor flagged the student.

You can start with an initial purchase of 200 hours ($5,000). Additional hours can be purchased in any amount after that.  There are no hosting fees, rollover fees, or initial set up or training fees.