Committees and Working Groups

Here is a description of NILRC committees and working groups.

NILRC committees and working groups 2019-2020:

Information Literacy

- Work on the creating a question bank for member use in assessing information literacy
- Work with website committee to make the question bank available to all interested parties

NILRC Conference Planning

- Plan and organize the annual NILRC conference, a conference that discusses issues of the membership, creates connections, and builds support for dealing with the changing, challenging education environment.

Learning Innovations Conference

- Plan and organize the annual Learning Innovations Conference, a conference that explores issues and emerging technologies that impact distance learning and libraries at community colleges.

Strategic Goal 1: Benchmarks, best practices, metrics

- Strengthen the position of libraries within their institutions by identifying benchmarks, best practices, and metrics which align with accrediting standards (HLC, ICCB, etc)


- Review, revise and update the NILRC Office policies.
- Review, revise and update the NILRC employee manual.

Professional Development

- Coordinate and create training and development resources for all levels of library employees. Delivery methods include asynchronous education models, such as recorded webinars and moderated listserv discussions, in addition to synchronous methods.

Revenue Working Group

- Identify ideas for new revenue streams, brokerage fee/surcharge increases, and special/individual membership fees and make recommendations to the NILRC board. The working group will look into collecting data concerning financial trends at individual institutions.

Website and Communications

- Website maintenance and additional development
- Facilitate website management training for the NILRC business manager, NILRC leadership, and members, as needed
- Listen and respond to NILRC leadership and member needs, provide solutions for document sharing, storage, and preservation of NILRC materials
- Recommend strategies for document sharing, storage and preservation of NILRC materials



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