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We now have an agreement with PowerNotes, https://powernotes.com/

 At a high level, PowerNotes is designed to help with three pervasive problems experienced by students:

1. The challenges posed by screen reading;
2. Information management, critical thinking, and organization; and
3. Plagiarism/patchwriting.

A license will cover all students, faculty and staff. 

RedLink Network is a public benefit company that provides its free IP registry and collaboration service for libraries and publishers to help them deliver secure access to subscribed content more reliably and efficiently.


RedLink Network is devoted to providing technology solutions that level the playing field and save time and money in order to help publishers, libraries and knowledge professionals focus on advancing knowledge and educating the next generation.


RedLink Network is an independent, trusted partner for libraries and publishers. We support both equally, intent on making life easier and work more efficient as information sources proliferate.


RedLink Network believes that publishers and librarians can work in concert to ensure that knowledge workers, researchers, students, and faculty have access to the materials their institutions have designated for them.

Community-driven IP registry and independent source for usage report exchange


    Seamless access to content for your patrons.
    Fewer access headaches.
    One place to communicate IP address changes, link resolver updates, and library branding to hundreds of publishers.
    More efficient and productive publisher interactions with fewer phone calls and emails.

We have a contract with RedLink for Library Dashboard, software that provides access to usage statistics for electronic content.   If a library currently collects usage stats manually every six months, they will be interested in seeing how Library Dashboard can work.  

And if a library uses usage statistics to manage collection development decisions, then, the library will be interested in Library Dashboard.  

 There is a one-time setup fee because their technical team builds the product for each library.  There is also an annual subscription cost.