Call for Proposals Now Open - ForwardFocus 2017

Join us virtually or in-person on Friday, October 27, 2017.  

The conference will be held at Illinois Central College, Peoria Campus, with a virtual option for attendees to join us from their desks.  

Advocating for Students: strategies for connecting your campus to OER                                    

This year’s conference is dedicated to Open Educational Resources (OER) in community colleges. As institutions struggle to cut costs and eliminate barriers to student achievement, librarians are called to find solutions. OER initiatives have gained momentum and offer a promising path to overcoming budget constraints and textbook affordability issues for students. This conference is open to all who want to learn about OER.       

Call for Proposals:                                                                               

ForwardFocus is pleased to announce the 2017 call for proposals is now open. We are accepting proposals for both in-person and virtual presentations.

Tell us about your campus OER initiatives. How do you evaluate OER materials, work with faculty to integrate OER into the classroom, and connect students to OER collections?  What trends and challenges have emerged and what predictions can we make for the future of OER in community colleges?  

Use the breakout time to host a discussion or share a recent project in the following areas:

  • Defining OER in a Community College Context
    • We are looking for conversation leaders or presenters to introduce OER to attendees.  Proposals in this category may include information on open licenses, discuss or highlight different OER models, and/or provide an overall emphasis on educating colleagues new to OER.    
  • Open Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning with OER
    • Proposals in this category will showcase OER content used in the classroom, partnerships with faculty and other campus partners, and student use of OERs.  Share success stories and lessons learned on teaching and learning with OER.  
  • Strategies for Implementing OER Initiatives at your Campus
    • Share your OER projects and advice for implementing OER initiatives, including consortia involvement or advocacy and other partnerships crucial to your success.  We are looking for models of effective practices in engaging a campus community around OER.    
  • Measuring and Communicating the Impact of OER
    • Tell us how you determine the value of OER on your campus. Share strategies for evaluating OER content and communicating both the quality of OER resources and their impact on student learning.   

If you are interested in presenting, please complete the Call for Proposals form by May 26, 2017.

Questions? Feel free to email or check the conference website for more details.  We hope you’ll join us in October!    

NILRC Evaluating Sources Webinar

Jennie Archer (Carl Sandburg College) demonstrated methods she has used to put evaluating sources into classroom instruction, including finding time for it in one-shot instruction.  She will also be looking at how this fits into the national news and some of the tools that have been brought up nationally since this topic became so much more important. YouTube link

This session was recorded on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. 


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