NILRC Town Hall, Nov. 8 at 11 am

Dear NILRC Members,

 We are hosting a virtual Town Hall for all interested employees at NILRC institutions on Thursday, November 8, from 11 am-12 pm.   

Please join us at that time by using this link:

 We will be discussing our Strategic Plan as well as what we should start, change, or continue as an organization. We are especially interested in hearing from all employee groups.

 Mark your calendars for additional upcoming events and programming:

·         November 29: Info Lit Seminar on free and reusable multimedia (10 am,

·         November 30: OER Summit (College of DuPage)

·         April 26: Learning Innovations Conference (Richland)

·         May 9: NILRC Council of Delegates Meeting (Lincoln Land)

·         October 3-4: NILRC Allerton Conference 2019

 Thank you.


Hilary Meyer